About Us

About Us

Your Reliable and Affordable Sewer Service Since 1958.

For 65 years, the Ben Davis Conservancy District has provided reliable and affordable sanitary sewer service to 15,000 residents in Wayne Township. Our utility is owned and operated by freeholders. There are no profits, executives, or shareholders – everything we do is for the good of our community.

Our Story

The Conservancy was established in 1958 because septic systems throughout our community were failing. Residents came together for the good of their health and established a conservancy to fund the sanitary sewer that serves our community.

Not a Stormwater Utility

We provide your sanitary service, not your stormwater removal. Anytime you flush or drain, we pipe the wastewater from your home to a nearby treatment plant.

Located in Wayne Township

The district is located in Wayne Township – east to west from Tibbs Avenue to Girl School Road and north to south from Rockville Road to Minnesota Street.

District Map

Affordable for Everyone

Everyone in the district pays for sanitary sewer service through a combination of monthly fees and special taxes called Ad Valorem. Monthly rates are currently $40.

Owned and Operated by Freeholders

The Conservancy is owned and operated by freeholders. A freeholder is any property owner in the district. These freeholders elect a board of directors to manage the Conservancy – keeping our community clean and flowing.

Board of Directors

Fred Buckingham

Fred Buckingham


Bev Matthews

Bev Matthews

Vice Chair

Jeff Wood

Jeff Wood


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a conservancy?

From water retention to drainage, the Indiana Conservancy Act (IC 14-33) makes it possible for a community to organize as a special taxing district to solve problems related to water resource management. The Ben Davis Conservancy District was established to provide sanitary service to our community.

What is a freeholder?

A freeholder is any property owner in the district.

Who oversees the Conservancy?

The Conservancy is regulated by the Marion County Circuit Court and managed by a board of directors elected by freeholders in the district. Our budget – including the monthly rates and Ad Valorem taxes you pay – is approved by the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.

Why does the Conservancy charge a monthly fee?

Everyone in the district pays for sanitary service through a combination of monthly billing and semi-annual Ad Valorem taxes. According to the Indiana Conservancy Act, monthly user fees can be used to pay for operating expenses and future project development, but Ad Valorem taxes can only be used to pay for operating expenses. That’s why the conservancy uses a combination of monthly fees and Ad Valorem taxes to pay for operation and development.

The conservancy increased its monthly fee but decreased its Ad Valorem tax rate in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

What is an EDU?

An equivalent dwelling unit or EDU is a unit of measure equal to 310 gallons of wastewater per day. The typical single-family home pays one EDU a month, but a multi-family home or non-residential property pays additional units for service.

What is Ad Valorem property tax?

The Latin phrase ad valorem means “according to value,” so your Ad Valorem is tax based on the assessed value of your property.