The Crucial Role of the Board in Shaping Our Future

The board is vital to the Ben Davis Conservancy District as it serves as the bridge between community interests and decisions that shape our future. With diverse members, it ensures a wide range of perspectives are considered, upholding democracy, transparency, and accountability.

Responsible Resource Management

The board oversees responsible resource management, including budgets and environmental initiatives. Their expertise ensures efficient and sustainable use of district resources.


Our board comprises three members, each serving a three-year term. Importantly, there is one election every year to select a new board member. This means that each year, one position becomes open for election, providing continuity and introducing fresh perspectives to our governance.


To ensure that every part of our district has a voice, we’ve divided it into three zones. Each year, one zone selects a board representative, ensuring diverse voices are heard and considered in our decision-making process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to vote in Ben Davis Conservancy District elections?

Only individuals recognized as freeholders who own property within the District are eligible to participate in these elections. Each freeholder is entitled to cast a single vote. Verification of property ownership will be based on the State of Indiana’s Parcel Book or the Indiana Assessor’s Property Card. Renters, unfortunately, are not eligible to vote.

What if I've recently acquired property or am associated with a business entity within the District?

If you’ve recently acquired property or have affiliations with a business entity within the District, you’ll need to provide evidence of property ownership to establish your eligibility to vote.

How can eligible freeholders exercise their voting rights?

Eligible freeholders can exercise their voting rights through one of two methods:

Absentee Ballot:

If you prefer this option, you can request an Absentee Ballot by contacting the District’s office. You can choose to receive a Mail-in Ballot, which will be sent to you via USPS Mail, or you can visit the District’s office in person to cast your vote. This option is available to all eligible freeholders from December 1st to December 28th, 2023. Please keep in mind that any ballots received at the office after 5:00 pm on Thursday, December 28th, 2023, will not be counted.

Election Day:

For those who like to vote in person, the Election Day is set for Friday, December 29th, 2023. You can cast your vote at the District’s office between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Why is it important for eligible freeholders to participate in these elections?

Your participation in this election is crucial as it provides you with the opportunity to have your say in shaping the future of the Ben Davis Conservancy District in the upcoming year. By participating, you contribute to the decisions and policies that affect our community.

Meet Our Candidates

Fred Buckingham

Fred Buckingham, a lifelong West Indianapolis resident, currently serves as the Board Chairman of the Ben Davis Conservancy District. Seeking re-election for a third term in Area I, Fred is known for his dedication to the community and his commitment to making the District more cost-effective and efficient.

Fred, along with his wife Heidi, enjoys family life, including spending time with their son, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, as well as playing dominoes, card games, and gardening. Fred has over 30 years of involvement with the Masonic Lodge, contributes to the Garden City Civic Association, and is an active member of Fleming Garden Christian Church.


Fred Buckingham has outlined the following goals that he aims to accomplish if re-elected to the Ben Davis Conservancy District board:

  • Lower Sewer Costs

Fred’s primary goal is to lower sewer costs for residents by overseeing the construction of a treatment plant. This initiative is aimed at reducing the financial burden on the community.

  • Independence from Citizens Energy Group

Fred seeks to free the District from the influence of Citizens Energy Group and their pricing control over sewer processing. He is determined to see the construction of a treatment plant that directly benefits District residents.

  • Empower Freeholders

Fred wants to ensure that the freeholders of the District understand their ownership and the power they have to support efforts aimed at controlling costs. This will prevent their bills from being subject to the monopoly of Citizens Energy Group.

  • Enhanced Board Meeting Accessibility

Fred plans to provide additional meeting times for the board, including the possibility of holding a weekend meeting once a year. This approach will make it easier for residents to engage with the board’s proceedings.

  • Community Engagement

Fred aims to keep freeholders actively involved and informed about the District’s developments and activities. He believes that an engaged community is vital for making informed decisions.

Fred Buckingham’s unwavering commitment to his community, along with his vision for lower costs and greater independence through the construction of a treatment plant, makes him a standout candidate for re-election to the Ben Davis Conservancy District board. If re-elected, he will continue to serve the best interests of the community, working diligently to achieve these goals.

Gregory Broz

Gregory Broz, an experienced engineer with a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, is deeply rooted in the Ben Davis Conservancy District and westside community.

With 23 years of professional experience and a strong reputation in utility coordination, Gregory, along with his wife Melissa, is raising their family in the community. Their two sons attend Wayne Township schools, and Gregory actively supports the Ben Davis Marching Band and volunteers at the Ben Davis Soccer Club.


Gregory Broz’s goals for the Ben Davis Conservancy District board include:

  • Enhancing Transparency

Make board meetings more accessible by adjusting meeting days and times. Ensure that board minutes are regularly published on the District Website and the Indiana Gateway.

  • Expanding Board Representation

Advocate for an increase in the number of board members from three to five, if supported and effective.

  • Addressing Financial Assistance

Review board salaries and explore the possibility of establishing a fund, pending state approval, to assist low-income residents with essential services.

  • Community Education and Outreach

Collaborate with stakeholders to provide regular newsletters and improve social media outreach, educating the community about sanitary sewer systems and drinking water.

  • Infrastructure and Emergency Preparedness

Review the long-term plan for the conservancy sewer system and ensure an up-to-date emergency plan is in place to safeguard residents.

Gregory Broz’s extensive engineering experience and commitment to community betterment make him a strong candidate for the Ben Davis Conservancy District board. If elected, he will work diligently to achieve these goals and serve the community’s best interests.