Commitment to Excellence

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, the Ben Davis Conservancy District has been providing affordable and dependable wastewater service to our valued residents. Through proactive maintenance, comprehensive inspections, and responsive customer service, we ensure a reliable and efficient wastewater sewer system. Trust us to meet your needs with expertise and dedication.

Comprehensive Inspection

Our comprehensive inspection process includes a combination of manual inspections, dye and smoke testing, and advanced televising techniques. This ensures a thorough assessment of our sewer lines, identifying any potential issues or areas in need of attention.

Proactive Maintenance

To ensure reliability, we prioritize proactive maintenance, including emphasis on lining techniques. This increases system longevity, alongside scheduled maintenance and timely replacements, preventing disruptions and ensuring optimal performance.

Commitment to Service

Our commitment to excellent customer service means we are always available to address any concerns or inquiries promptly. We prioritize clear communication, providing timely and informative responses to ensure customer satisfaction.

See the Difference

At the Ben Davis Conservancy District, we’re excited to share our ongoing commitment to excellence. With great pride in our work, we’ve embraced a proactive and responsive approach to maintenance. Witness the impressive strides we’ve made in 2023, as we continue to uphold the highest standards in serving our community.

feet of sewer line cleaned

feet of sewer line inspected

manholes repaired

inspections performed

sewer locates

grease trap inspections

incident reports

work order completed

Public Notice

The Ben Davis Conservancy District partners with Commercial Sewer Cleaning Inc for a CCTV-based sewer televising project. This proactive initiative improves system efficiency, addresses repairs, and minimizes disruptions for residents. Advanced notifications and simple precautions ensure a reliable sanitary sewer system.

Televising Project