Televising Project

Televising Project


Work Notice

The Ben Davis Conservancy District is working together with Commercial Sewer Cleaning Inc (CSC), a expert in sanitary sewer inspection and repair services, for a large-scale wastewater sewer televising project. The main goal is to find and fix necessary repairs in the district’s sanitary sewer system. By using advanced CCTV technology, the project aims to make the wastewater sewer system work better and last longer, while causing as few disruptions to residents as possible. CSC will keep homeowners informed about the project and provide them with written instructions to ensure things go smoothly.

About the Project

Project Details

The sanitary sewer televising project conducted by CSC in the Ben Davis Conservancy District includes the following important points:

Inspection and Assessment

CSC will inspect the wastewater sewer pipelines throughout the district using special cameras. These cameras will go through the sanitary sewer lines and record detailed videos to find any signs of damage, blockages, or wear and tear.

Repairs and Maintenance 

After the inspections, the areas that need repair or maintenance will be prioritized. This smart approach helps the district allocate resources efficiently and address important issues quickly, which prevents emergencies and saves money in the long run.

Communication with Homeowners

CSC understands the importance of keeping homeowners informed about the work happening near their homes. Homeowners living close to the project areas will receive notifications at least 24 hours before any work begins. This gives them enough time to prepare and make necessary arrangements.

Precautionary Measures for Homeowners

To ensure homeowners have a smooth experience during the project, CSC recommends taking a few precautions. Specifically, homeowners should close the lids of their toilets and cover them with a towel. This helps prevent any disruptions caused by the wastewater sewer televising process.